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Do you know that brakes are the most important safety feature of your vehicle? Brakes of a car ensure safe ride and smooth deceleration. Imagine driving the car with faulty brakes.. It’s horrible, right? How will you slow down or stop the car? You will definitely end up in a nasty collision! Therefore, brakes require frequent inspection and perfect service in case of brake failure. So, do not let them deteriorate and get the best brake service in Brent at Carfix garage.

How do brakes work?

The kinetic energy of car keeps it moving, but the car has to overcome this kinetic energy in order to stop. So, brakes do the job with the help of friction that converts the kinetic energy into heat energy. The braking system consists of pedal, lever, and cylinder filled with hydraulic fluid. Now, what happens is that when the driver depresses the brake pedal, lever pushes a piston into the cylinder. Then, hydraulic system multiplies the force that the driver applies through the foot. Hence, this multiplied force is strong enough to stop the wheels from spinning.

Brake problems :

Brake fluid, with the passage of time, loses its ability. Moreover, it may result in the contamination of brakes. Secondly, malfunctioning brake pads and discs cause weird sounds and vibrations even when the car slows down or stops. Additionally, also look for the symptoms like soft pedal, leaking fluid, burning smell, and excessive bouncing.

Brake solutions :

You can prolong braking system’s life by taking some precautionary measures like : checking the brakes every 10 thousand to 13 thousand miles, replacing brake fluid at regular intervals and visual inspection of brake shoe, pads and cylinder for leaks. If you find any sign of deterioration, do not ignore it and bring your car to us. At Carfix garage, the experts diagnose the problem and suggest the solution accordingly. We have a range of high-quality braking system’s components, so what are you waiting for?

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