Exhaust System Repair in Hendon

Are your car parts bothering you? Take your car to CarFix garage for car body parts and exhaust system repair in Hendon. We are based in Hendon and provide servicing regardless of the make and model. The best part is that you will not have to compromise on quality and price. Our experienced technicians ensure your satisfaction.

The whole process is not a hassle but convenient. You may give us a call or fill the enquiry form on our website. Visit our garage for a minor check or the latest technology car diagnostic. We have competitive and fixed prices so you pay what we quote.

If you have gone through MOT failure, you know the pain! Save your money by investing in your exhaust system and car parts, two of the major reasons for breakdown.

Car body parts repair

In our garage, all work carried out is in line with manufacturers’ recommendations. At CarFix, we have a stock of high quality car parts. Remember! If any one part goes wrong, the whole car experience is ruined.

We offer:

  • Clutch replacement – don’t drive with slipping clutch!
  • Suspension overhauls – unsteady car is always irritating!
  • Brake change – drive safe with your brakes!
  • Timing belt replacement – take care of your engine!
  • Gearbox repair – slipping gear and burning smell is a warning sign!
  • Batteries – stuck batteries are a problem!


After a thorough examination of your exhaust and catalytic convertor, we will suggest you either exhaust repair or replacement.

A faulty exhaust system is a headache! It can cause

  • poor performance – a leak in exhaust system can have adverse effects on your car’s performance
  • MOT failure – you will not be allowed to drive your car if your exhaust system is not working
  • Reduced gas mileage – damaged exhaust system is a big NO if you are on your budget. It is highly uneconomical!

If you hear any strange noises, you need to get your exhaust checked. Our ethos has given us a huge customer base from a range of areas. Get exhaust system repair in mill hill and full exhaust system repair in Hendon, Brent and surrounding areas. Find us on Google maps!

Call us or Drop us a message and we’ll get back to you in no time!

Happy driving!

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